How to prepare for the Wonderlic

How to Prepare

It is recommended to practice as much as possible before taking the test in real time. The more one is exposed to various versions of the Wonderlic Test, the more likely one will be prepared to answer similar questions correctly. Exposure to multiple versions of the test will minimize the stress of encountering new and unfamiliar questions, as well as familiarize one with the format of the test, reducing the likelihood of surprises. Knowing how to identify the correct approach to each question will inevitably lead one to calmly and correctly solve the questions on the test.

Substantial research has proven that adequate preparation can help to improve test scores. The key is to figure out what qualities are expected from a candidate and what is required from an employee stationed at said position. It’s all a matter of understanding one’s potential employer as well as the true job requirements. Learning how to provide the applicable answers on the test at hand, as well as showcasing important traits, is very important.

Aptitude tests measure work related abilities, such as cognitive abilities, fluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence. Fluid intelligence refers to abstract thinking and reasoning, thinking quickly on one’s feet, new skill learning and tough decision making. Crystallized intelligence refers to learning from past experiences. Properly preparing for an aptitude test is the best way to unearth any weak points in these areas, weak points that can be strengthened. Utilizing the right preparation kits will give any applicant the cutting edge advantage one needs to beat out the competition.