Students’ reviews

  • Brooke Hardin

    ServiceWonderlic Test Prep was an amazing help in landing me the job of my dreams. With their online course I was able to improve my confidence in so many areas and felt prepared for what was ahead and it certainly paid off for me!
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  • Riley Williamson

    ServiceI’ve never been a very natural test taker. I tend to get really nervous unless I feel like I absolutely know what to expect. Wonderlictestprep was a lifesaver because it gave me the confidence I needed to walk into the test completely calm. Without this test prep, there's no way I'd have the dream job that I do now!
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  • Brandon Linnell

    ServiceThis test prep was exactly what I needed! It's quick, simple, and provides everything that you need and nothing that you don't. If you're looking for an up-to-date, comprehensive, and simple test prep for the Wonderlic test: you've found it!
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  • John Budden

    ServiceI am so happy I found this website. I have failed  the Wonderlic test once. I don't know what it was; nervousness perhaps, or lack of preparation. Anyway, I was going for a job that I really wanted and I found Wonderlic Test Prep. I am so glad I did; I nailed the online course. I now am writing this from my new desk, at my new job!
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  • Tom Fields, Virginia

    ServiceWhat a confidence builder! I mean, seriously, without this course I don’t know how I would have succeeded!
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  • Michael Chan, Washington

    ServiceI took the Wonderlic test before but because I didn’t prepare for it I was overwhelmed and was so stressed that I couldn’t focus on even the simplest of questions. It goes without saying that I didn’t get the job at the time. Luckily a year later I had another opportunity to apply and this time I came prepared. Thanks to I was calm and focused and even when I got a tough question I managed to apply my learnings and figure out the answer. I obviously aced the test because now I have my dream job and I am moving up the ladder – FAST!
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  • Grace Dunn, Atlanta

    ServiceAfter hours of searching the internet for online resources (so much more convenient than heavy study books) I was relieved to find this site. Between the quizzes, videos and the real-life simulation I was more than confident before my job interview. Thank G-d and thank you!
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  • Rachel McNeil, New York

    ServiceThe minute I saw this website I knew I found the real deal. Finally a site that offers tons of practice tests! Best money I ever spent.
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  • Scott Cartel, Ontario, Canada

    ServiceWonderlic Test Prep just seemed like the best value for my money compared to other sites, and it was a great choice. The ebook and video tutorial were clear and informative, while the practice tests gave me the confidence I needed, especially on the more challenging sections. In the end, the results speak for themselves.
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  • Michael Smith, Chicago

    ServiceThis is the best prep site out there! Thank you!
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  • Tiffany Lombard, Boston, Massachusettes

    ServiceI had a short period of time to prepare for the Wonderlic Cognitive test , and WTP was a great resource and study method. The self-guided chapters and tests were easy to follow and complete on my own time, and the videos were a great addition to the study material. eventualy I got the job I dreamed of. Thank you guys, you are the best.
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  • Allison Gary, Sacramento, CA

    ServiceI got the job!! Thank you so much your help. It was worth every penny!
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