• 1.Question

    Emma and Anna went to the market to buy 25 fruits. Emma bought a few apples which cost $2 each, and Anna bought some oranges which cost $3 each. If their combined total is $60, how many oranges did Anna get?

  • 2.Question

    Over a 4-month period, two students borrowed the following number of books: Student 1: 20, 15, 17, 18 Student 2: 18, 20, 15, 12 Which graph best illustrates the data of both students?

  • 3.Question

    After folding these squares into a closed cube, which shaded corner would touch corner “X”?

  • 4.Question

    Replace the [?] in the boxed series.

  • 5.Question

    A total of $114,000 will be evenly spent to build 12 Bungalows. If the first 5 bungalows have been completed and paid for, then __?__ is still available for the remaining bungalows.

  • 6.Question

    Within the first 4 months of the year, Vicky was able to serve the following number of burgers: 370, 330, 460 and 420. The average number of burgers Vicky served per month was __?__.

  • 7.Question

    Four investors bought a real estate asset together and decided to divide the profits equally. Investor A invested $200,000; investor B invested $500,000; investor C invested $800,000; investor D invested $500,000. If the net profit for the first year was $1,000,000, investor A receives __?__ more than if the profits were divided in proportion to how much they invested.

  • 8.Question

    Which THREE choices are needed to create the figure on the left? Only pieces of the same color may overlap.

  • 9.Question

    The words LENIENT and FORBEARING have __?__ meanings.

  • 10.Question

    The office floor is 250 ft. X 80 ft. The conference room floor is 50 ft. X 20 ft. , which covers __?__ of the office.