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This 100% legal "cheat" guide helps even the worst test takers pass so they score big and rock any hiring manager's world.

Sneak peek at what's included

1.17 Question Blueprints

No more scratching your head. This is your crystal ball to see what's on the Wonderlic before it's go-time. These detailed modules cover the exact topics you will be asked about when you take the Wonderlic test. Here are a few examples:

$399.99 Value

Numerical Reasoning Part I and Part II

This module gives you the three different types of Wonderlic numerical reasoning questions with full explanations. Prepare to crunch numbers like a retired accountant.


In this module, you get four rules for cracking any percentages question. Basic fractions, decimals, and percentages won't be a chip on your shoulder even if you suck at math.

Geometrical Figures and Graphs

Wave goodbye to puzzles that stump you. This module equips you with tools to solve geometric figures and graphs with ease, even if you don't understand a thing about it.

…and that's just 4 of the 17 lessons you will add to your arsenal! You also get:

2.15 Quizzes For Distinct Question Types

Focus your efforts where they matter most and watch your score skyrocket. You'll breeze through the Wonderlic like a pro because you will know every distinct type of Wonderlic question.

$99.99 Value

3.3 Full-Length Practice Tests

Test day nerves? Not anymore. With our example Wonderlic questions, you'll build confidence and approach the real deal with absolute certainty. No surprises, just success.

$199.99 Value

4.Personality and Motivation Prep

It's not just about what you know, it's how you present yourself. Discover how to use your unique strengths, kickstart motivation, and ace your interview with ease. You'll stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression on that hiring manager.

$99.99 Value

5.500 Practice Questions with Explanations

One of the keys to passing the Wonderlic is understanding why certain choices are right and eliminating guesswork. With these duplicate questions and answers, you'll be a Wonderlic wizard in no time.

$199.99 Value

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Great study guide!

Definitely worth the money! There are a lot of free practice tests out there but they actually don't have the right questions or structured the same way as the real test. This guide takes you through each sub-section that is on the test with great tips and tricks, plus lots of practice questions after each sub-section with 3 full practice tests that are same as the actual test (including layout). So you know what you are getting into. I don't think I could have done well without this guide.


Vanessa F.


This course is very good! Helped me cover all topics in a efficient manner. I was confident and prepared to answer the questions in my Wonderlic Test - which I found easier, by the way. I didn't get my score yet, but I would recommend this site for anyone seeking a successful result and encouragement. Thank you for helping me!

Vanessa F.

Anthony Ahumada

Anthony Ahumada

I rate this website and the Wonderlic study guide a 5.0, without a doubt! I have been studying the Wonderlic test for some time as it is one of the requirements to enroll in the Respiratory Therapist school. I'm very glad I purchased this study guide because it contains everything you need to know before taking the actual test. It has all the correct answers and explanations of formulas and reasoning. I definitely recommend the Wonderlic guide to anyone who needs it.

Katherine S.

Great course

I kept running into jobs requesting this type of assessment, I found I was over thinking and spending too much time on questions, but I like the way they explain each module and things just click now.

Katherine S.



This was a game changer. The test prep settled me with confidence to take on the challenge. I passed with flying colors


Emiley Rios

Emiley Rios

I had been out of school for 11 years before deciding to go back to college. To say I was worried about the Wonderlic test is an understatement. I decided to use the test prep course and after just three days of studying, I felt confident to take the exam. My score increased by 19 points! I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.

Timothy Kellogg

Timothy Kellogg

I am not a great test taker and was told at the last second to take the Wonderlic pretest and upon an adequate score, would then have to take the full Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test. Not only were the individual modules helpful in showing the patterns of each type of question, I was very grateful that the study guide showed examples of what questions were a "time trap." Because of this, I was able to answer several additional questions and nearly complete the exam. Well worth the expense – thorough, detailed and most importantly, helpful.

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