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Our Students Say…

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Michael Lerner, BSc ,Psychometric Tutor, Wonderlic Test Expert

Let’s face it – Nobody likes taking tests, especially not when the test includes 50 Math, Spatial, Verbal and Logic questions and comes with a 12 min time limit. And, particularly when most test takers fail this specific test.

Unfortunately, this aggressive psychometric test stands between you and the job you desire, or you and the college you want to get accepted to.

Your future career depends on this test, whether you like it or not.

Perhaps you have already Googled “Wonderlic test” or “Wonderlic practice test” , viewed some “free practice tests” (which usually have nothing to do with the real test), seen some YouTube videos and the like. However, none of these things have helped and you still feel unprepared.

You are probably also feeling overwhelmed by all the materials out there, and confused and worried because you really need to pass this test.

For you, this is no joke . Rather, it’s your Career!

You are not alone. More than 10,000 employers, colleges and schools all over the world are using the Wonderlic test as it’s a very effective predictive screening tool. Therefore, hundreds of thousands of people are invited to take this test, each year, all over the world.

Most of them FAIL, or in other words, score lower than the minimum threshold they need to achieve to move on to the next stage in the hiring process. Many of them are required to take the test a second or even a third time and yet they fail again and again.

Why do most test takers FAIL the Wonderlic Test?

The inclusion of multiple disciples, the harsh time constraints, and the addition of many common psychometric traps, all work together to reveal the points of weakness in the cognitive abilities of the average UNPREPARED test taker.

The good news is that you can PREPARE FOR THIS TEST

In fact, you can even master this test with super simple strategies and tactics that anyone can learn.

You see, some people, although not many, naturally have the talent and skills needed to pass this test and score high.

It’s like assembling a piece of IKEA furniture – Some people just innately know how to do it, and can go straight ahead, because they have strong mechanical know-how.

Most people, however, need to read the instructions. And this is exactly what this course is –

A set of simple and easy to follow instructions to help you score high on your Wonderlic Test.




The most important thing you MUST UNDERSTAND before taking the Wonderlic Test

You are given 12 minutes to complete 50 questions, that gives you 14.4 seconds per question.

Now, let’s make it clear – Almost no one gets 50/50, or even 45/50. Not even the brightest people.

Actually, scoring “only” 35/50 will position you right at the top, in comparison to your competition, and you will likely pass any threshold determined by all employers and colleges.

And this leads to the most important point you have to understand about the Wonderlic Test.

It’s designed to examine your cognitive abilities by tricking, trapping and distracting you when you are extremely PRESSURED for time.

And guess what? They ALWAYS use the same old tricks. Once you are familiar with them and you can recognize them from a mile away, you will know how to tackle or avoid them, within seconds.

You can be the Master of this test! Even if you have been out of school for 20 years or more.

Example: How to solve a question in 10 seconds rather than 20 seconds :

Let’s take a look at this question:

A taxi driver drove 30 miles on Monday, 50 miles on Tuesday, 60 miles on Wednesday, 70 miles on Thursday, and 90 miles on Friday. The average number of miles he drove per day was ___?___.

  • 60 miles
  • 55 miles
  • 70 miles
  • 65 miles
  • 75 miles

Most people, probably you as well, will rush in to solve this problem like they were taught in school – sum the number of miles and then divide it by 5 days, right ?


And here’s the explanation :

If you use the obvious sum and divide method here you will be forced to write down the numbers on a piece of scrap paper, sum up the numbers and then divide the total by 5. This whole process will take about 20 seconds, because you will need to view the question, write down the numbers and then do the division calculation.

Some people will try to do all this off the top of their head, and with all the pressure and the stress, chances are you will make a mistake, get confused or lose time or worse…. let’s just say – good luck with that approach!

This is how you can solve this problem and save yourself 8-10 seconds:

When you take a look at the numbers, imagine that the numbers are set on an axis:

30__(40)__ 50__ 60__ 70__(80) __ 90

This series of numbers is symmetrical and finding the average of a symmetrical series takes …. 5 seconds

Let’s start by looking at the first and last numbers:

30 is at the same “distance” from 50 as 90 is from 70

Now let’s look at the inner numbers. 50 is at the same distance from 60 as 70 is.

The middle number in a 5-number symmetrical series is actually the average.

30__(40)__ 50__ 60__ 70__(80) __ 90

The answer is therefore, 60.

You may like to take a look at this explanation again. From our experience, when people are in the process of discovering this “symmetrical” trick, they sometimes figure out their own slightly different way to find the average in 10 seconds and that’s perfectly ok, as long as they are paying attention to the symmetrical form. All brains are wired slightly differently.

Now, on a Wonderlic test, there are about 4-5 questions, which require you to calculate an average. Generally, 50% of the questions that involve averages are based on symmetrical number series. Usually, you don’t even have to “play” with the order of the numbers, the test writers just want to see if you have a sharp eye and quickly understand the process. As this is a strong indication of good cognitive abilities in an individual. Or.. it can also be a sign that a person has learnt this trick in advance….

So from now on, on your Wonderlic test, when you will see a question that involves averages, you will look right away to see if it is symmetrical and if it is, then it will probably take you 10 seconds at the most to solve and you will likely be 100% accurate, instead of wasting 20-30 precious seconds and taking the risk of making mistakes.

So here you go – you learned a super easy tactic in just 3 minutes, and you will only need to spend 8 more minutes practicing this skill and this is how you save 30-40 seconds on your Wonderlic test, and collect other easy low-hanging fruits further on in your test.

This makes a HUGE difference!

In our Wonderlic test course you will learn and practice 20 tactics that are easy to remember and simple to implement. Tactics that will “shave” 5-10 seconds or more off the time it takes you to solve a problem. Furthermore, your level of accuracy will improve – as you will barely make mistakes.

Let’s see another great example:

This is A Classic Wonderlic Trap:

Emma and Anna went to the market to buy 25 fruits. Emma got a few apples that cost $2 each, and Anna bought some oranges which cost $3 each. If their combined total is $60, how many oranges did Anna get?

  • 5
  • 10
  • 15
  • 20
  • 25

So you probably figured out that this is not a 10-15 seconds easy question.

Even if you were a Math teacher in a high school, it would take you at least 60-90 seconds to solve – and 60-90 seconds is an Eternity in terms of the Wonderlic test.

To answer this question you need to process the data in the question, put together 2 equations with 2 variables and then solve these equations.

Is there a shortcut? No.

So what do you do? You guess it and move on to the next question.

Yes, you understood correctly.. Skip it. You can earn easy 2-3 points on different questions even on a bad day.

And this is, in many cases, can be the difference between getting hired, or getting rejected.

The following is a breakdown of how the Wonderlic Test Writers think. It’s crucial to understand their thought process before you take the test:

The Wonderlic test writers want to see how you control and manage your time, how you understand the concept of the test, and if you are aware that the clock is ticking. They also want to know if you are going to drown in any given question – AND GET INTO A VICIOUS CIRCLE OF CONFUSION. They want to see if you lose your confidence, spend time double or triple checking your work, then spend more precious time after which you realize that you are literally “getting old” during this problem solving process, and eventually guess and move on with your tail between your legs.

Not to mention, saying to yourself things like: “OMG , did I just lose like an hour on this question?”, “Is this the level of the test? More questions like that and I am ruined ”, “OK, I think I am going to fail”.

This is what 80% of test-takers are doing.

If you have already completed the Wonderlic test, this thought process should sound very familiar.

There are a few types of time traps used in the Wonderlic test, and the Wonderlic test writers like to “sprinkle” in a few of them right at the beginning of the test. They want to throw you off your game, so you quickly find yourself in dire straits, then they start the “real” test.

And not only that, be sure that the easiest points to collect are further down the road, in the second half of the test, “the promised land” that only the trained, or really bright people get to explore. Thus, it is only these individuals who get to collect the easy points.

80% of test-takers will fall into every trap along the way, over and over again.


While most of the test takers competing with you, won’t understand why they ran out of time, and only managed to answer 28 questions out of 50 (in other words they scored low and didn’t pass the assessment) you will finish the entire test, stay calm and score far higher than most of your peers.

How will this Course help you pass your Wonderlic test assessment?

1. It’s all in one place – You don’t need any other resource to prepare, you are 100% covered for ALL Wonderlic tests types.

2. It’s super fast and easy to study and practice – You probably have been given very short notice of your upcoming test. This course contains short video guides and just the right amount of practice questions and tests. We don’t inundate you with 1,500 questions, which you don’t have time for.

3. The winning strategy and tactics are proven for success – with more than 13,500 students since 2015. Just read our verified reviews and testimonials, they speak for themselves.

4. This course is online. – You can – and should – start studying and practicing right away, from any device.

A set of simple and easy to follow instructions to help you score high on your Wonderlic Test.





What you will quickly learn:

  • Learn how to improve your scores consistently by up to 10 points on the Wonderlic test. Fast track your way to the job or school you want.
  • Learn to quickly and accurately tackle each of the question types you’ll see on the Wonderlic test.
  • Learn to use our time-saving strategies to stop that ticking clock in your head, so you can claim easy points to maximize your Wonderlic score.
  • Learn how to avoid common mistakes that cost most test-takers critical points. every single point matters!
  • Get comfortable with the Wonderlic test format and practice questions so that you can feel calm and confident when test time arrives. Don’t sweat it, you’ve been there before.

How is this course structured?

Intro and strategy module

Video tutorial about the crucial time management strategy, guessing and skipping time trap questions and when you should use the scrap paper (spoiler alert – you barely need to use it.)

Cognitive ability modules

There are 20 modules that cover each type of the Math, Logic, Verbal and General Knowledge questions you will encounter on the test.

Practice questions

In each module there is a pinpoint 4-7 minutes tutorial video that explains the tactics and approaches needed to solve that specific type of question, and 15-25 practice questions.

Personality Assessment preparation

3 preparation modules for Wonderlic`s Personality and Motivation assessment to maximize your chances of passing the entire assessment.

Let’s take a look at a quick demo video of the course

A set of simple and easy to follow instructions to help you score high on your Wonderlic Test.





The types of Wonderlic tests covered in this course

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the different types of the Wonderlic tests, so let’s make things clearer here –

The main 2 tests are the Cognitive Ability test (AKA Wonderlic Personnel Test WPT-R) used by employers and SLE (Scholastic Level Exam) used by colleges and schools. They are almost identical, except that employers may ask you to take a personality and motivation assessment as well (Also covered in our course) .

Employers may also use a short version of the test which you will need to take online. It’s called QuickTest (WPT-Q) and there are 30 questions in 8 minutes in this version. This test is very similar to the “50 questions” one and our course prepares you for that one as well. You will need to take this test at home and after passing this QuickTest, you will also need to take the standard version as well before you attend the job interview.

The only test that is different is the Basic Skills Test. Less than 4% of the test takers need to take this version.The modules for this test are separated and this test is totally different. Please study these modules only if you have been told that you need to take this type of test.

There is another name you may encounter when you are invited to take your Wonderlic test – WonScore.

WonScore is relatively a new name and it’s Wonderlic`s platform that the employers and test administrators use to manage the assessment process. The tests that are administered through this platform are all mentioned above, so don’t let this term confuse you.

As for the Wonderlic Motivation and Personality tests, usually only job applicants need to take these tests. If you have applied for a job, then it’s recommended that you study for these tests as well, as it doesn’t take a lot of time.

A set of simple and easy to follow instructions to help you score high on your Wonderlic Test.





Author’s Bio

Michael`s photo

Michael Lerner, BSc ,Psychometric Tutor, Wonderlic Test Expert

Since 2007, I have been teaching and preparing people for a variety of pre-employment psychometric tests. Over the past 7 years I have focused primarily on the Wonderlic test, as I identified a growing demand for this type of test and noticed that my students experienced difficulties with the Wonderlic test.

I am familiar with many assessment tests, but this test is the trickiest of them all. Throughout the years, I have personally seen thousands of Wonderlic questions and I have developed a unique tactic for approaching each question type.

In Feb 2015 I decided to create this course, instead of one-on-one tutoring, as this course is more efficient, more affordable and easier to use. I personally wrote this course together with professional psychometric test writers who have studied the Wonderlic test inside-out, and have fine-tuned it over the past 5 years, in keeping with a lot of the feedback from my students.

I update the course on a regular basis. Over the past 5 years, this course has helped more than 7,500 people pass the Wonderlic test and get hired or accepted to the college they wanted. Many of them failed the first and sometimes second time before they found my course.


  1. Q : Is it all online?
    A : It’s all online, no books/eBooks , no downloads
  2. Q: Can I take the course on any device?
    A : Yes, you can study from your smartphone, tablet and PC
  3. Q : Once I buy the course, when do I get the access?
    A : Immediately – After purchasing the course, you will receive an automated email with a link to access the course and you can start studying right a way
  4. Q : I have the test today / tomorrow / in two days, do I have enough time to study and practice?
    A: Yes. Most of our students are given very short notice before they need to take the test. That’s why we designed this course so it can be completed in a very short amount of time

At Wonderlic Test Prep, we have seen a consistent improvement of 10 points or more from our students after just a few hours of study with our Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course.

The Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course will show you everything you need to know to master the Wonderlic, boost your score and give yourself the best opportunity to land the job or school you want.

A set of simple and easy to follow instructions to help you score high on your Wonderlic Test.