Basic Skills Test (WBST)

This Wonderlic Test is a brief examination of fundamental skills, such as verbal and quantitative skills. This test is usually administered to those applying for entry level jobs or positions that require simple calculations, written communications skills and/or oral communication skills. In addition, this exam can also be used for program compatibility.

This test is comprised of 2 parts: the verbal section, that consists 50 questions, and the quantitative section, that consists 45 questions. Each section is allotted 20 minutes for completion. Each part is administered on a high-school / GED level.

In the verbal section one is expected to complete sentences, prove proficient vocabulary, grammar and reading comprehension, and follow instructions. The quantitative section requires one to solve basic math questions with and without variables; calculate rates, proportions and percentages; solve equations and solve basic geometry questions.

There are two versions of this test. One is proctored and can be administered online or on paper and the other is non-proctored and is administered online.

In addition to these two versions, there is a third version, the Ability to Benefit version, which is administered to those applying to the US Department of Education’s ATB title IV programs.