Wonderlic Wonscore Preparation

Wonscore is Wonderlic’s newest innovation–an all-in-one psychometrics package for businesses who need to improve their hiring process, reduce turnover, and boost productivity levels. Wonscore involves separate scores averaged into one.



Wonscore is Wonderlic’s newest innovation–an all-in-one psychometrics package for businesses who need to improve their hiring process, reduce turnover, and boost productivity levels. Wonscore involves separate scores averaged into one.

If you’ve been asked to submit a Wonscore report, you’ll need to take three separate Wonderlic tests, which, when combined, will give your prospective employers a better picture of you as a potential candidate and possible co-worker.

Below, we’ll talk a little bit more about each component of the Wonscore, how your scores are reported, and how you should prepare.

What is Wonscore?

Wonscore is a psychometric test package which combines the Wonderlic Personnel Test, Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, and the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment averaging the three scores together into one (“won”) number managers can use to easily compare a large number of applicants.

1. Wonderlic Personnel Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test, formerly known as the Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test, is a 50 question multiple choice exam that evaluates verbal comprehension, numerical reasoning, logical thinking and general knowledge. The test takes place online, and you’ll have a total of only 12 minutes to complete the assessment.

2. Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory

The Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory test contains 150 multiple choice questions and takes approximately half an hour to complete. Based on the Big Five Personality Model, the WPCI evaluates candidates for openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

3. Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment

Even if a candidate is highly intelligent and fits nicely into the company culture, if he doesn’t put forth his best effort on a consistent basis, he won’t be making significant contributions to the company’s overall goals. This 30-question survey helps to measure the 7 motivational drivers that encourage highly engaged employees to commit to progress.

These drivers include:

Doer:Expresses confidence in her ability to achieve

Reward: Believes in performance-based rewards

Inspired: Sees a higher purpose in work

Values: Shares company values

Enjoyment: Derives pleasure from work

Relationships: Forms strong working relationships

Stay: Remains loyal to a single company

Wonscore Scoring

Your employer will specify a pre-programmed job profile from the Wonderlic database and open up a file for the new position.

While each test is scored normally, and hiring managers can open up each applicant’s file to see results of each test in detail, the software will average the 3 scores together in a way that’s simple and easy to read.

Is Wonscore Really Worth It?

While somewhat time-consuming, the Wonscore system actually works in your favor most of the time. Unfortunately, most resumes look alike, and because so many individuals are turning to buzzwords and cliches, the phrases “detail-oriented,” “team player,” and “self-starter,” now just take up empty space on your application.

Unless you’ve accomplished something incredible, and it’s possible you have, it’s very hard to make your resume stand out. Even if you have relevant experience and a prestigious education, it’s difficult for a hiring manager to really tell all that much about you from a list of achievements.

At some point, resumes will really just start to look alike. If yours is chosen, and you receive a call for an interview, it might be just a matter of luck.

Even worse, the hiring manager may discard your application for some hidden bias. While we like to think that companies never discriminate against applicants because of race, sex, religion, or ethnicity, we know that it happens even if it happens unconsciously.

You don’t want to rely on luck though, and you certainly don’t want to be a victim of prejudice. You want to be in control. The job search is difficult enough. You don’t your application to be carelessly thrown away for no good reason.

While time-consuming and irritating, psychometric exams really do work out in your favor. Companies can significantly reduce the pool of applicants simply by requiring candidates to take
psychometric exams. Many businesses found that by implementing Wonderlic exams into their hiring process, they were able to eliminate a large portion of applicants entirely before even looking at the test results.

Better yet, the Wonderlic cognitive ability test serves as a standardized metric by which organizations can compare similar candidates. Two mid-level executives both with 3 years of experience look the same on paper. How can a hiring manager choose between them if they were working in different offices on different tasks?

However, if one scores 3-4 points higher on the Wonderlic Personnel Test, he’ll choose her if he must choose between them.

While businesses sometimes take the results of the personality and motivation test with a grain of salt, they generally do take the results of the intelligence test seriously. According to many companies who have used and reviewed the software, the Wonderlic test is very accurate.

In many cases, businesses found that when they hired someone despite his poor test scores, they regretted it later. CEOs stated in no uncertain terms that the Wonderlic was more reliable than their intuition more often than not.

Basically, what we’re trying to explain here is that these psychometric tests are actually a golden opportunity. If you take the time to prepare for them properly, you can really impress prospective employers. There’s no easier way to outshine your competitors than with a stellar Wonscore, and there’s no surer way to an interview either.

How to Prepare for the Wonscore:

If you’ve been asked to submit a Wonscore, then you should definitely use what time you have left to prepare for your upcoming exams. It’s very important that you take some time to study. You only have one chance to take each psychometric assessment, and since these test are particularly unique, you’ll likely be caught off guard if you haven’t prepared properly.

Don’t wing it and hope for the best. While you may do very well, it’s not worth the risk. Instead, follow our proven method for success.

1. Take a Diagnostic Exam:

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is, without a doubt, the most important component of the test. While employers are sometimes willing to overlook questionable results on the other two sections, they rely on the results from the cognitive ability exam.

If you’ve never heard of the Wonderlic before, chances are you’ve never taken a test quite like it. While many of us have taken standardized tests before, the Wonderlic is designed to challenge even the brightest of individuals.

So, go ahead and give it a try to see how you do. We’ve provided a free Wonderlic practice test for any interested students.

2. Study Our Free Course Modules:

You’ll receive your results from the Wonderlic immediately. Look over your results and
then proceed to the online course page. We’ve provided the first few modules of our
course completely free of charge. You can watch the videos and learn about some of the
key strategies our students have used to boost their score up to 10 points.

In our online course, we go through every single one of the 24 Wonderlic Personnel
question types and explain to you exactly how to solve each one as quickly as possible.

You’ll have to purchase the course to get access to the rest of the material, but if you do, you’ll also get access to our exclusive personality test module. In this bonus module, we discuss the techniques most people never learn.

The advanced test-taking techniques in this module will help you breeze through the personality and motivation portions of the exam and amaze the manager without even stepping foot in his office.

3. Get in Some High-Quality Practice:

Make sure you get in enough practice before exam day. Go through some timed practices
to make sure that you’re comfortable pacing yourself and that you’re familiar with all of
the kinds of questions you’ll encounter on the exam. When you finish each Wonderlic
practice exam, you’ll want to review your answers carefully to make sure you fully
understand your mistakes.

By signing up for our online mastery course, you’ll receive access to three online timed
practice tests, all of which come with a set of detailed answer explanations. Make sure to
take advantage of these practice tests and finetune your skills before test day arrives.

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