What Is The Wonderlic Test?

The Wonderlic Test is today one of the most popular ways to screen prospective employees, as well as applicants to various academic institutions and certification programs, in the shortest amount of time possible.

The test is designed to be a highly accurate indicator of a candidate’s abilities and potential in the field for which they are applying. To this effect, the American Psychological Association’s peer review deemed it a reliable analytic tool.

There are 5 different Wonderlic tests:

Cognitive Ability (WPT), Scholastic (SLE), Basic Skills (WBST), Perceptual Ability, and Personality. Each one has a different number of questions and time requirement.

Cognitive Ability Tests (Personnel Test – WPT)

This is the most popular version of the test, which is most commonly used in the hiring process. Even though it was made popular by the NFL recruiting process, many other industries, firms and private employers utilize it to assess applicants’ job potential . This test was created to evaluate prospective applicants’ learning abilities, adaptive abilities, problem solving and instruction following capabilities.

Scholastic Level Exam (SLE)

This is an academic version of the Wonderlic Exam used mainly as part of the application process to various academic institutions and certification programs, such as nursing school and police academies. This test was created to evaluate prospective applicants’ learning abilities, adaptive abilities, problem solving and instruction following capabilities.

Basic Skills Test (English and Math) – WBST

This test is a brief examination of fundamental skills such as verbal and quantitative skills. This test is usually administered to those applying for entry level jobs or positions that require simple calculations, written communications skills and/or oral communication skills. In addition, this exam can also be used for program compatibility.

Perceptual Ability Tests

Formerly referred to as the Hay Aptitude Test Battery, this test is usually utilized in the preliminary stages of the hiring process for positions such as accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, and tellers.

Wonderlic Personality Tests

This test aims to predict future job performance and to pair potential employees with the best suited job for their personality. For example, a telemarketer has to be patient.

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