The Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course is your guiding light for passing the Wonderlic cognitive and behavioral assessment

The Wonderlic test is one of the most popular psychometric and behavioral assessment tools used by thousands of corporations, colleges and schools all over the world - It is a tricky screening test and therefore, very effective.

This course will help you increase your Wonderlic test score by up to 10 points, pass both cognitive and behavioral assessment and get you accepted, wherever you are applying to, within 3-4 hours of video-based studying and computer-based practicing. Compared to the average 36% passing rate, our students enjoy an outstanding 84% passing rate.

What you'll learn

Strategy and Time management - The Wonderlic test consists of 50 questions, with only 12 minutes to answer them, so an effective approach to answering questions is essential.

Recognizing and Avoiding time traps - The Wonderlic test was made to catch test-takers out with disproportionately time-consuming questions, so it is vital that you know how to avoid these.

Lighting fast tactics - There are 24 question types on the Wonderlic test. This course offers the optimal strategy for answering every one of these questions.

How to approach the personality assessment - Each company is looking for different traits in candidates. Learn how to effectively showcase these traits to prospective employers.

Who is this course for?

If you’ve been asked to take the Wonderlic test, you probably don’t have a lot of time between now and sitting the course. Time is short, and you need a quick fix.

Whether you are confident with taking tests or haven’t sat a single examination in years, this course has something to offer.

This Wonderlic Rapid Mastery Course is perfect for:

  • Inexperienced test-takers who need to learn the concepts covered in the Wonderlic test from scratch
  • Experienced test-takers who wish to sharpen their skills and jog their memory in order to maximise their chances of success.

This course has been meticulously designed, making use of years of expertise in order to put together the most comprehensive and concise Wonderlic preparation course available on the market.

Gain access to everything you need for success on the Wonderlic test, so that you may ace the test and secure that dream career!


When it comes to the Wonderlic, time is crucial.

The Wonderlic test is administered by a wide variety of employers and schools to screen out unsuitable candidates. Harsh time restrictions and a large number of question types make what might look like a simple intelligence test into a significant challenge. If you’ve been asked to take this test in order to progress in the screening process, you need to get this right. This course is the essential resource for maximising your chance at test success and landing your dream career.

Expert insights on the best test-taking techniques

Being asked to take a test you’ve never taken can be pretty daunting. Taking a test you’ve not performed so well on in the past can also be a scary prospect. Our expect in-house psychometric experts understand this, and have produced this course with that in mind. While many test-takers are tripped up on numerous time traps and unfamiliar question types, this guide is focused on helping you get to the right answer in the most time-efficient way possible.

How is this course different?

What sets this course apart from the others is a comprehensive approach to teaching the concepts. While other courses on the market focus almost entirely on practice tests with very little actual instructional content, we offer a video guide for all 24 question types on the Wonderlic test and curated practice tests, presented in an accessible and easy-to-understand curriculum so that you can spend less time deciphering the course and more time preparing for the test.

Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course
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  • Lifetime access
  • 15 Explainer videos
  • 17 Written guides
  • 24 Types of questions explained - unique tactic for each
  • 3 Additional full-length timed mode sample tests
  • 700 Practice questions with explanations
  • Bonus personality module
  • Perfect for Wonderlic SLE (Academic/ Nursing Schools) as well
  • Intro and Strategy
    • Intro to the Wonderlic test
    • Course Guidelines
    • The Right Approach
    • Time Management Strategies
    • Course Curriculum
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  • Checkered Figures
    • Binary Elimination Tactic for 3 Figures
    • Exclusivity and Complementary Choice Tactic for 2 Figures
    • Mismatched Checkers Eliminations
    • Small Icons Destruction
    • Recap
    • Practice Questions (Explanations Included)
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  • Averages
    • Average pivot
    • symmetrical number series
    • Hidden average pivot
    • Looking at distances tactic
    • Unsymmetrical number series averages
    • Number series with relations
    • Weekdays and weekends averages - quick formula
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Data Sets and Graphical Interpretation
    • One data set
    • Two data sets
    • Quick sketch tactic - proportional relations
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Numerical Reasoning (Part 1)
    • Age calculating problems
    • One variable equation problems - quick multipliers formula
    • Profit per unit questions
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Numerical Reasoning (Part 2)
    • Rate and ratio - ratio connector
    • Approximate numbers
    • Distributive Property
    • 2 variables equation questions
    • Proportion Division of profits
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Percentages
    • Most common Fractions, Decimals, and Percentages
    • Extrapolating from 10%
    • Proximity To Familiar Percentages
    • Areas Calculation Questions
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Analogies
    • ABCD format
    • Logical common relationship
    • Deduction thinking
    • Relationship sentences
    • Common Types of Analogy Relationships
    • Video demonstration - examples on timed mode
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Verbal Questions
    • Time management
    • Similar and Contradictory words - Homophones, context association
    • Antonyms - Elimination tactic
    • Rearranging Sentences - Different versions trap
    • Proverbs - Risk Reward management
    • Synonyms - The 2 pairs format
    • Finding The Exceptional
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Numbers Series
    • Quick pattern recognition - addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
    • Easiest sequential pair
    • Pattern confirmation
    • Series with fractions - denominator series
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Deductive Reasoning
    • Certainty determination
    • Common formations
    • Premisses with relations
    • keywords that define certainty / uncertainty
    • Common distractions
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • General Knowledge Questions
    • Months related questions
    • Leap year
    • Similar weather and sunlight months
    • Axis month
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • 3D Cubes
    • Video visualization of all options
    • Find the Anchor face
    • Symmetrical shapes
    • Extension arm
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Dates Ordering
    • Repetency trap
    • Century Trap
    • Elimination order
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Finding Duplicates
    • Common destructions
    • Time efficient scanning
    • Using the mouse cursor
    • Efficient errors counting
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Clock Hands Patterns
    • Quick pattern decoding
    • Memorable edict
    • Recap
    • Practice questions with explanations
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  • Bonus Personality Module
    • Personality Assessment Written Guide
    • Personality Assessment Video Guide
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  • Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment
    • Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment Written Guide
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  • Wonscore Personality Assessment
    • Wonscore Personality Assessment Written Guide
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  • Practice Tests
    • Practice Test 1
    • Practice Test 2
    • Practice Test 3
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