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Ace the Wonderlic / WonScore Test in Just 3-5 Hours!

With This Accurate, Easy, and Lighting-Fast Crash Study Guide

Bestseller 4.7 (406 ratings) | 27,576 students | October 2022

Created by : Michael Lerner, BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Wonderlic Test Expert

76% of Wonderlic test takers fail this test for many reasons:

  • The vast majority of the resources available online misguide them with general IQ fluff, unrelated to downright wrong information
  • They do not prepare at all, thinking there is no point in preparing
  • They don't know how to manage their time, spend way too much time on simple questions and fail to complete the test
  • They "practice" totally wrong methods they know from school, with wrong practice questions

So what is the secret sauce? Precision with speed.

When it comes to your future – take no chances.

How does this Wonderlic Prep make your life so much easier?

This is the only Wonderlic Study Guide that is adjusted and updated for the new Wonderlic / Wonscore AI Adaptive Scoring Algorithm.

You`ll learn:

  • Effective Time Management Strategy.
  • How to answer correctly and super fast, ALL Wonderlic questions
  • It reveals a bullet-proof fastest and easiest tactic to solve each of the 15 types of Wonderlic questions: Math, Logic, Verbal, or General Knowledge.
  • It's all in one place - no need to look elsewhere and waste time on questionable materials.
  • Reduces your test anxiety: How to stay calm, focused, and confident.

After watching a few hours of tutorial videos and taking some ACCURATE and PRECISE Wonderlic-style short quizzes, you'll be ready to pass ANY type of Wonderlic / Wonscore Assessment.

Step 1Watch a short video explaining how to solve a specific type of Wonderlic question
Step 2Take a short quiz with feedback right after, to master this question type
Step 3Repeat with all 15 Course modules
Step 4Take 3 full-length Accurate practice tests with feedback
Step 5That's it - You are READY to ACE the Wonderlic test

This is the only prep that covers ALL Types of Wonderlic tests:

Wonscore | Wonderlic Cognitive Ability Test | Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) | Wonderlic Basic Skills Test | Wonderlic Personality Assessment | Wonderlic Motivation Assessment

  • Immediate access
  • Bonus personality and motivation assessment prep module
  • 30 Days money back guarantee
  • Lifetime access
  • 24x7 Support
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Checkered Figures

Checkered Figures

  • Binary Elimination Tactic for 3 Figures
  • Exclusivity and Complementary Choice Tactic for 2 Figures
  • Mismatched Checkers Eliminations
  • Small Icons Destruction
  • Recap
  • Practice Questions (Explanations Included)