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Give it your best shot

Take the Wonderlic SLE Practice Test below!

SLE-Q (Quick Version)

This version of the SLE is a rapid and initial assessment, consisting of 30 questions you need to answer within a swift 8-minute timeframe. It offers a rapid evaluation of your cognitive abilities, often preferred by universities for selecting candidates for online learning programs.

So, how did you Rank?
Remember, you want to be above average!
Average Wonderlic Score out of 50
  • Chemist31
  • Electrical Engineer30
  • System Analyst32
  • Engineer/programmer29
  • Reporter/Teacher/Executive/ Accountant28
  • Librarian/Copywriter/Investment Analyst27
  • Sales Person25
  • Nurse/Electrician/Drafter/Dispatcher23
  • Receptionist/Machinist/Clerical Worker/Cashier/Firefighter/Train Conductor21
  • Security Guard/Welder17
  • Warehouseman15
  • Janitor14

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