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The Complete Guide to the 2023 Subway Wonderlic Test

Owning a subway franchise is a great investment. However, apart from filling a lengthy application, you will need to first pass the Subway Wonderlic Test, also known as the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test.

How to easily prepare for the test

You need to know that passing the Subway Wonderlic test is not easy. The only way you can ace it and become a Subway franchise owner is through practice. WonderlicTestPrep’s psychometric experts have developed a one-of-a kind test prep pack which will help you succeed in the test and gain a competitive edge over other test takers. The reasons why you need to choose our package on the Subway Wonderlic Basic Skills test is because it features:

  • Multiple full-length Subway Wonderlic Basic Skill Test simulations
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Hurry and let’s help you prepare for this test and be on the right path in becoming a subway success story!

About the Subway Wonderlic Assessment Test

The Subway Wonderlic test is specifically designed to measure a candidate’s cognitive knowledge, ability to solve complex problems, decision-making skills, ability to follow instructions, and how well he/she can adapt to changing work environments. In some quotas, this test is also used to evaluate math and language competencies which are essential in different positions.

After you have applied to become a subway franchise owner, you will have to take the Wonderlic basic skills test, popularly known as WBST. The reason why you will have to do the test is because it will help determine your suitability in the subway based on your math and English skills.

The Test Format of the Wonderlic Test

The test has two distinct sections. The verbal section contains 50 questions and a 20-minute time limit, while the quantitative section contains 45 questions and a 20-minute time limit. Therefore, the entire test takes 40 minutes to complete. This makes it imperative that you take full advantage of a Subway Wonderlic practice test.

Verbal test section – This section of the Subway WBST contains five categories which include:

Grammar– it involves capitalization, pronoun-antecedent agreement, and finding errors

Reading comprehension – it includes questions that you should answer using short texts

Vocabulary – here, you will be expected to choose the best word to complete a sentence. You may also be required to define vocabulary words

Sentence construction – you will be given a group of words which you can use to create sentences.

Quantitative test section – This section contains six categories which are:

Applied word problems – includes time, decimals, ratios, rates, and percentages

Number and operations – include performing subtractions, multiplication, divisions, and addition problems.

Data interpretation – involves analyzing charts and graphs

Fractions – involves changing and comparing fractions

Algebra – you will be given several equations and use basic mathematical knowledge to solve them

The question types in the Subway Wonderlic Test

Basically, the Subway WBST is not meant to trick you like most pre-employment assessment tests. Instead, it is used to measure skill set and general knowledge. The types of questions asked include extracting data from graphical information, calculating percentages, and assessing brief texts.

Basically, the questions in this test involve real life situations. They measure how well you will execute tasks you will face every day such as writing reports and sending emails. This test measures how well you can identify new information within a text, think critically, and articulate the information through writing so you need to make sure that you pick the correct Subway Wonderlic test answers

How the Subway Wonderlic test is scored

Both the verbal and quantitative exams are very important; hence they are graded differently. Each section is scored out of 50 and 45 respectively, and the average Wonderlic score is 20-21 which translates to an IQ score of 100.

However, you will need to know the score you will be required to get for you to become a subway franchise owner because the scores vary from time to time. You can do this by speaking with a subway representative before you start preparing for the test.

You need to prepare for the Subway WBST!

Owning a subway franchise is a big deal, and has become surprisingly competitive. Therefore, if you want to own one, you need to know that you can only do it by passing the Subway WBST and emerging at the top of the competition.

Ensure your success with the help of WonderlicTestPrep. We know that you need reliable practice tests, and this is why our psychometric experts have developed a comprehensive test prep pack that contains questions that resemble those in the real test. It also has a monitoring system which will give you timely scores in every practice test, so that you can discover your weak points and capitalize on them.

The pack also contains a detailed study guides that provides ample information on various topics around this test including Wonderlic test tips, personality profile assessments, score reports and what they represent, and solving techniques that will help you complete the test faster and guide you into picking the correct Subway Wonderlic test answers. Also, it comes with video and text-based tutorials that will sharpen your math and verbal skills, and increase your chances of success.

Why is passing the Subway WBST important

If people discover that you had the Subway Wonderlic Test failed, you will be perceived as a person with low cognitive ability, and poor verbal and mathematical skills. Therefore, you will not be given an opportunity to be subway franchise owner, the quality of your application notwithstanding.

To prove your worth and success at the subway, you need to ensure you pass this test. Keep in mind that there will be thousands of applicants and all of them cannot be given an opportunity to run a franchise. Therefore, the score you get will determine whether you get the chance, or wait for another time which may not be forthcoming any time soon.

Top tips to pass the test

To pass the Subway WBST, treat the following tips as your guide;

Be time conscious – Remember, you will have 40 minutes to answer 95 questions. This may seem like a lot of time on paper, but in essence, this is about two minutes per question. If you hurry, there are high chances that you will not complete the test in the allocated time. Skip questions that you feel require a lot of time to answer and come back to them later. Create time for these types of questions by using the shortest time on easy ones.

Make educated guesses – In this test, you will not be penalized for giving the wrong answers. This means that only right answers will earn you a point. Therefore, instead of leaving a question blank simply because you are not sure of the right answer, make an educated guess and increase your chances of getting it right.

Keep calm – Being stressed will only make you tense, and you might fail as a result. Therefore, remain calm during the test, and in case you fee naturally tense (which is normal), take a deep breath and see the magic!

Let us help! – WonderlicTestPrep can help you pass the Subway WBST. All you need to do is grab our comprehensive test prep pack, which is a simulation of the real test. It comes with various Wonderlic-style questions and explained answers, as well as a detailed study guide meant to sharpen your learning and help you get to the top!

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Definitely worth the money! There are a lot of free practice tests out there but they actually don't have the right questions or structured the same way as the real test. This guide takes you through each sub-section that is on the test with great tips and tricks, plus lots of practice questions after each sub-section with 3 full practice tests that are same as the actual test (including layout). So you know what you are getting into. I don't think I could have done well without this guide.




David P.

The Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course is an absolute steal and it quickly prepared me to fly through the course and achieve excellent results. I was well-prepared by taking this, and if I hadn’t taken it the outcome wouldn’t have been strong because I wouldn’t have know what to expect and would have made stupid mistakes just out of ignorance of understanding the test and strategies to perform well. I highly recommend anyone to BUY THIS NOW AND STUDY HARD! Even 12-36 hours advance is plenty to prepare you. THANK YOU!! A VERY grateful user.

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This course is very good! Helped me cover all topics in a efficient manner. I was confident and prepared to answer the questions in my Wonderlic Test - which I found easier, by the way. I didn't get my score yet, but I would recommend this site for anyone seeking a successful result and encouragement. Thank you for helping me!

Vanessa F.


i make mistake, actually, I

i make mistake, actually, I will take react behavior test and want to buy materiel to it.I think i bought wrong material. thank

jie c.


Great review

Jesica A.

Took the course before taking the wonderlic. Great prep! Very similar to the real questions!

Jesica A.


Great prep tool

The modules did a great job helping me understand the types of questions I would encounter and to provide strategies for quickly solving them. Ultimately the practice tests were significantly harder than my real test.

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Great course

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I kept running into jobs requesting this type of assessment, I found I was over thinking and spending too much time on questions, but I like the way they explain each module and things just click now.

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Super helpful!

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Really helped me prepare and make smart decisions on the actual test. Would definitely recommend, especially if you’ve been out of testing scenarios for a bit!

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Very helpful

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