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The cost of disengaged employees

How would you approach your job? Is it just an occupation or is it your enthusiasm? Do you fear the beginning of the work week? How often every day do you check the clock, until it’s time to go home? Can you (and do you) enjoy your work?
In case you’re similar to the 70% of Americans who are disengaged at their place of work, then you most likely have negative dispositions towards your work and your work-place.

It’s quite simple to spot disengaged employees:

They are less motivated than their counterparts and don’t fortify an elite work society.
They are candidly detached from their working environments, a significant part of the time being the last to arrive and the first to take off.
They just meet the absolute minimum necessities of their position, once in a while surpassing expected performance.
They don’t have the same work values as others, and in specific situations, they may even act with misconduct.

Basically, withdrawn employees do not associate themselves with their jobs or positions. If it was the other way around, they would take a lot of pride in their work. Hence it’s no surprise that such employees take an awesome toll on their place of work. Using an online employee suggestion boxes or other forms of collective suggestion tools, raises employee engagement by a factor of 4.

For instance, research demonstrates that:

Engaged employees have a tendency to beat their disengaged counterparts by more than 20%.
Organizations with abnormal amounts of engagement had an almost 4% rise in operating margins in a 3-year span.
Organizations with low engagement levels had a 2% decrease in the above mentioned parameter.
Organizations with exceedingly engaged employees had 16% more share price gains, compared to the industry standard of 6%.

Almost every research done about work-place engagement, shows the positive effect of engaged emloyees on almost every aspect of the organization. On the other hand, companies with disengaged employees tend to make more errors; something which might cost dearly, not only when money is concerned, but also when human lives are at the heart of the service provided.
Furthermore, disengaged employees not only influence your organization’s bottom line, but also the mental and physical strength of the employees themselves. There’s an immediate connection between job satisfaction and burnout, physical issues, tension, etc. Employees with higher or enhanced engagement both feel more advantageous and are more satisfied by their well-being.

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