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Therefore, if you have been yearning to get a place at the Hult International Business School, you need to know that apart from presenting your credentials, you will need to sit for an exam and the Hult Business assessment test, which will determine whether you will be admitted for the course you have applied for, or you will be one of the people who will miss out and have to wait for another time.

What exactly is the Wonderlic college entrance exam offered by the Hult International Business School?

hult business assessment test

Also known as the Wonderlic scholastic level exam, the Wonderlic college entrance assessment is an exam that is given to prospective candidates, in a bid to evaluate their suitability for several courses at the Hult Business school.

This test contains 50 questions, which should be completed in 12 minutes. This means that every question should be answered in less than 15 seconds, and this is what makes this test challenging for many people.

Since the goal of the Hult Business School is to get the most intelligent students, they test a number of subjects in this assessment including;

  • General facts
  • Word problems
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Logic

There is no subject that is more important than the other, and therefore you will need to do an all-rounded practice if your ultimate goal is to get the best score and get a chance to mold your career in this prestigious institution.

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hult business assessment test

You have heard that only 3% of Wonderlic test takers complete the entire test in the allotted test, and very few get a good score, right? This is enough to scare you and make you believe that this test is impossible to pass. But you don’t have to worry anymore, because we can help you pass this difficult test so that you can easily proceed with the other steps of the admission process.

Our psychometric experts have developed a comprehensive test prep pack, which comes loaded with everything you need to ace the test including;

    • Several full-length Wonderlic-style exams
    • 50-question 12-minute and 30-question-8 minute tests
    • A diagnostic test which will help you identify your weaknesses and capitalize on your strengths 
    • Additional practice drills in several subjects including number series, logical reasoning. Language competencies, patterns, and graph reasoning
    • A detailed Wonderlic study guide, which comes loaded with text and video-based tutorials that provide as much information as you need to pass the test. Also, it contains insights, tips, and pointers, and techniques which can help you complete the test faster and increase your chances of success.
    • All question types contained in the real test
    • Immediate access to your scores, and suggestions on how to improve them.

Why Passing the Hult International Business School Wonderlic Test is Essential

The Hult International Business School doesn’t only use the Wonderlic test to measure the cognitive ability of their prospective students. It also uses this test to predict the future progress of a student in a particular program. Therefore, this exam is one of the most important aspects of the admission process.

There are blogs that will try to tell you that the Wonderlic entrance exam is a waste of time, and as long as you have good high school grades, there is no way you will be denied placement in a college. This is a lie you should not fall for. In case you don’t get a minimum score set for a particular course, rest assured that you will not be admitted for the course you dream for in this prestigious college. 

A bad score on the Wonderlic assessment means that you need to wait for the next admission which could take a year or so, or hassle your way and apply for another course that requires a lower Wonscore. Since this is the last thing you would like to happen to you, ensure that you study for this test, and get the best score you can achieve.

How is the test scored?

Well, just like in other colleges, there is no standard score on the Wonderlic test. The scores will depend on the requirements of different programs. One program may need a higher score than the other, and vice versa. Therefore, it is vital to talk to a campus representative and find out the minimum Wonderlic score needed for the course you are applying for so that you can prepare adequately for it.

How is the test administered?

Basically, the Hult International Business School will provide you with two types of college entrance exams by Wonderlic. The first one is the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam- Pre-test, which is used to eliminate unqualified students at an early stage. This test contains 30 questions to be completed in 8 minutes and can be done remotely.

Once the pretest has done its work, qualified students are then subjected to the Wonderlic scholastic level exam, which is the full version of the Wonderlic college entrance exam. it contains 50 questions which should be completed in 12 minutes. Regardless of whether it is given in electronic or paper format, this test is administered in the school’s test center and is strictly proctored to eliminate cheating. Therefore, you will not succeed in the test if you had planned to cheat or copy from a friend. Only through practice beforehand will help you ace it and boost your chances of success. Try our free Wonderlic practice test to experience the test under similar conditions to a real Wonderlic test.

How to pass the test

Below are some tips that will help you ace the test:

Learn about the test – you need to learn as much information about this test offered by the Hult International Business School as possible. Know the type of questions asked, the skills tested in every question, and the score you need to get in the program you have applied for. This will help you in designing an effective preparation program.

Answer as many questions as you can – remember, no points will be deducted for giving the wrong answers. The most effective way of ensuring you pass this test is to answer as many questions as possible. In fact, if you can, answer all the questions. In case you are unsure of the correct answer for a specific question, make educated guesses, since it will increase your chances of getting it right.

Be time conscious – remember, you will have less than 15 seconds to complete every question. Therefore, don’t spend too much time trying to solve a puzzle. If the question is too challenging, skip it and come back to it later when you get time.

Practice with our test prep pack – lastly, the most effective way to pass the Hult International Business School Wonderlic test is to practice using our comprehensive test prep pack, which comes with Wonderlic style questions that resemble those asked in the real test. Also, it comes with a detailed guide, which contains tips and insights, which are designed by the most experienced psychometric experts to help you ace the test and start building your career.