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What is the SJVC Wonderlic Test About?

The SJVC Assessment Test is a modified version of the Wonderlic test, an exam that is offered by academic institutions to assess the suitability of prospective students in different programs. This test is also used to predict how a student will perform in a particular program in the future, based on his/her intelligence levels.  

Institutions also use this test to ensure they admit only the best students and improve the quality of graduates they release to the job market.

This test is made up of 50 timed questions, which should be completed in 12 minutes. This means that you only have about 15 seconds to complete every question. It tests an array of subjects which include word problems, graphs and patterns, language comprehension, logic, and basic math problems.

You need to pass the SJVC Assessment test!

SJVC Assessment Test

In case you want to earn yourself a place at the San Joaquin Valley College, you need to pass the Wonderlic test. This test comes at the early stages of the admission or placement process; thus if you fail, you will not proceed to other steps, since you will be eliminated early in the process.

You need to pass the test at all costs, and passing means you will need to create ample time for practice. However, you don’t just get online and practice for this test using any test prep pack you come across. You need to find a test package that is reliable, and one that is made by the best psychometric experts in the modern market.

We have developed a comprehensive test prep pack, which is aimed at helping you achieve high scores, and start molding your career at the San Joaquin Valley College. This package comes with questions that mimic those in the real test, not forgetting that it is armed with extra drills in logical reasoning, word problems, graph and patterns, and language competencies, which will help you further your knowledge in these fields.

All the questions in our test prep pack come with explained answers, detailing how each one of them should be answered for enhanced results. Once you have completed each practice test, you will get a fully detailed score report, which will help you identify areas you are weak in, so that you can develop a focused-practice strategy, which will further increase your chances of acing this test. You also can try our free Wonderlic practice test to test your knowledge and prepare for the real thing.

Types of Wonderlic tests offered by the San Joaquin Valley College

There are two major types of Wonderlic tests offered by the San Joaquin Valley College. These tests include:

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam – Pre-test

Also known as the QuickTest, the Wonderlic scholastic level exam- pretest is given at the early stages of the admission or placement process. This is basically a shorter version of the real test, which contains 30 questions which should be completed in 8 minutes. The test’s main objective is to weed out unqualified applicants early enough, so as to smoothen the admission process. This test can be done remotely.

The Wonderlic Scholastic Level exam

This is the full version of the Wonderlic college entrance exam, which contains 50 questions that should be answered in 12 minutes. This test is taken seriously and is administered in the School’s test center under strict supervision. The test can be presented in paper or electronic form, but the questions and format remain the same.

How the test is scored

This test is scored differently based on the program you have applied for at the college. Below are some of the scores you should aim to get for different programs:

  • Nursing – 20
  • Radiography – 18
  • Computer and network administration – 18
  • Criminal justice – 18
  • Pharmacy technician –  17
  • Medical billing and coding – 13
  • Computer support technician – 15
  • Massage therapy – 14

Before you start preparing for the test, call a campus representative and inquire about the score you need to be accepted in the program you have applied for. This will help you a great deal in planning your practice.

Our test prep pack can also come in handy whenever you need to do uninterrupted practice. It comes with several Wonderlic-style questions that mimic those in the real test, as well as a diagnostic test that helps you learn your strengths and capitalize on your weaknesses.

An embedded scoring system will give you instant access to your scores along with a detailed explanation on how to improve them. Additionally, it comes with a detailed study guide, which will educate you on different aspects of the test, and outline techniques you can use to boost your scores in the real test.

How reliable is the test to San Joaquin Valley College?

SJVC Assessment Test

This institution of higher learning wants to know, first and foremost, that the students they admit are highly intelligent and portray the highest level of cognitive ability. It ensures that the students can learn new information and use it for their good, as well as adapt to changes in the academic environment.  This is the reason why the Wonderlic test is taken with high regard, and anyone who wants to join the college as a student must first pass this test, and get the minimum score set for various programs.

San Joaquin Valley College wants to see their students succeed because their success will reflect positively on this institution. Its graduation rates must be published every year, and statistics matter in determining its reputation.

Therefore, it needs to admit dedicated, passionate, and hardworking students who have the skill set to complete the programs they have been admitted for. By using the Wonderlic test, this institution eliminates lazy and disruptive students without spending as much time as they would doing endless interviews.

What does this mean to you as a prospective student?

From the explanation below, there is no doubt that the Wonderlic test is at the core of the San Joaquin Valley College’s organizational culture. Therefore, if you fail the test, you will definitely not get a place at the institution, your high school grades notwithstanding. Therefore, you need to pass the test no matter what. You must dedicate time every day to do practice questions that resemble those in the real test so that you can familiarize yourself with the exam beforehand.

Luckily, we can help out during your intense practice. Our psychometric experts have developed a comprehensive test prep pack, which contains questions that mimic those in the real test, as well as additional drills that further your knowledge in various subjects.

The reason why our preparation package stands out from the competition is because of the fact that it comes with a detailed study guide, which contains video and text-based tutorials which are aimed at imparting as much knowledge about the test as possible; thus helping lower your stress levels. Also, it comes with tips and insights that will help you develop techniques that will help you complete the test faster and boost your chances of success.