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Beat the Vertafore Assessment Test in 2023

You have been searching for a job at Vertafore for months on end without success. Seemingly out of nowhere, the job you have been dreaming about suddenly appears. You craft the best cover letter and CV that details your qualifications and wait. Then you get the best news of your life – you have been shortlisted! Now all that’s left is to pass the Vertafore assessment test!

Preparing for the Vertafore Assessment

In the middle of your excitement, you learn that you will have to take the Wonderlic test as part of Vertafore hiring process. Due to the perception you have about aptitude test, you have a feeling that this specialized version of the Wonderlic, known as the Vertafore assessment test, might lead to your downfall and you get stressed.

However, you no longer have to worry! Succeeding in the Vertafore assessment test is now easy with WonderlicTestPrep’s Test Prep Pack. This is a Wonderlic -style preparation partner that is designed by the most experienced psychometric experts, who are committed to ensuring that you ace the test and start building a lucrative career in this reputable company.

It contains a range of practice tests with questions that resemble those in the real test, plus several drills in multiple subjects covered in the test meant to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence.

What makes our package stand out is the fact that it has a detailed study guide, which is aimed at giving test takers tips, insights, and techniques they can apply when doing the test and maximize their chances of success.

Why is the Vertafore Assessment Test Used?

Vertafore, just like many other companies across the globe endeavors to hire top-quality employees, which in turn maximizes performance and increases profitability. By using the Vertafore assessment test, they are able to choose candidates with the highest IQ to fill vacant positions across departments.

Being one of the most sought-after organizations, Vertafore also uses the Wonderlic personnel test to smoothen its recruitment process. The company receives thousands of applications for every vacant position they advertise, and doing in-person interviews for all these applicants can be a hassle.

With the test, the hiring body is assured that most applicants will be eliminated, and only a sensible number will proceed with the other steps of the process.

Vertafore also uses the Wonderlic test to predict how a candidate will perform in a particular position if given an opportunity to serve. Therefore, the role that this test plays cannot be underestimated.

Therefore, even if you have the best qualifications and the most admirable hands-on experience on the job, you will not be considered for your preferred position in this organisation if you don’t pass this assessment. You need to practice effectively beforehand, and rely on WonderlicTestPrep pack for all your preparation needs.

If you want to ace the exam, first try a Wonderlic practice test to get yourself familiarized with the type of questions you’ll typically see in real test.

Types of tests offered by Vertafore:

There are two major types of test offered by Vertafore as pre-employment tests:

  • The Wonderlic personnel test – QuickTest
  • The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised

Types of questions in the Wonderlic test

In a bid to analyse an applicant’s aptitude towards cognitive ability, Keiser University, just like other institutions of higher learning that use the Wonderlic exam use a variety of question types from different subjects including;

  • General facts
  • Logic
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Word problems

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – QuickTest

This is the shorter version of the Wonderlic personnel test. It is given at early stages of the recruitment process, with the aim of eliminating unqualified candidates from the word go. In some positions, however, it is used to prepare candidates for the real test.

The test contains 30 questions that should be completed in 8 minutes. It is done remotely and unsupervised.

The Wonderlic Personnel Test – Revised

This is the full test given to those who pass the screening assessment. It contains 50 questions and a 12-minute time limit. This is the test that Vertafore uses to determine who gets the job and who misses out; thus it is taken with utmost seriousness. It is administered in an approved test center within the organisation under strict supervision to curb cheating. It can be administered in either paper or electronic format.

Types of Questions in the Vertafore Assessment test

Vertafore uses the Wonderlic test to get adequate information that will help them evaluate your cognitive ability in relation to the position you are applying for. Therefore, you will find all sorts of questions in the assessment. Some will test your verbal skills while others will test your mathematical ability. Therefore, expect to find arithmetic questions, verbal analogies, graphs, patterns, and basic math problems.

There are also logic questions that will measure your abstract reasoning skills. Here, you will be expected to perform various tasks, such as manipulating 3D figures, detecting errors, evaluating number series.

Vertafore Wonderlic Personnel Test Breakdown

As mentioned earlier, the Wonderlic test used by Vertafore doesn’t cover one singular topic because it is used to measure candidates’ general intelligence. It covers a broad range of subjects which include:

  • English Language (40%)
  • Math (20%)
  • Logic (10%)
  • Clerical questions (5%)
  • General Knowledge (5%)

Since the verbal section of the test takes a larger percentage than the other subjects, you need to have strong verbal comprehension to increase your chances of success. This doesn’t, however, mean that you need to neglect other areas, every section is important in developing an impression about you. Therefore, give equal focus to all subjects as you do your practice.

How the test is scored

Since the test has 50 questions, every question carries one point. No point is deducted for wrong answers given.

This means that the highest score you can get in the assessment is 50 out of 50, and the lowest you can attain is 0 out of 50.

However, for the Vertafore Wonderlic personnel test – quickest, the score is quite different. Each correct answer carries 1.66 points, which gives it a maximum score of 50.

The minimum score for literacy in the Wonderlic tests is 10, and a score of 20-21 is considered average for most jobs.

You need to know that this test is not easy, and only 3% of all test takers, including those who are incredibly intelligent answer all questions within the allotted time.

Vertafore doesn’t have a standard Wonderlic score for all jobs. The score is set depending on the requirements of a position. Therefore, you need to enquire about the minimum score you will be required to get for the job you have applied for, so that you can proceed with other steps of the recruitment process.

Tips to pass the Vertafore Wonderlic Test

Manage Time – The questions contained in the Wonderlic test are not difficult, since you are only required to use your analytical and decision-making skills to get them right. However, you will have less than 15 seconds to answer every question. Therefore, if you spend too much on one question, you will not complete the test, and this will lower your chances of success. If a question is too difficult to crack, skip it and come back to it later. Better still, you can make an educated guess because there is no penalty for wrong answers.

Have enough rest – Before the test, ensure you get enough rest. This will help you reduce stress and boost your confidence. The biggest mistake you can make is to spend all night cramming things you believe will be in the test. Make sure you get enough sleep on the eve of the exam day. In case you feel tense during the assessment, try taking a deep breath and relax!   

Practice with our test prep pack – If you want to pass this test and get your dream job at Vertafore, practice using our comprehensive test prep pack, which is without doubt a simulation of the real test. It provides Wonderlic-style practice questions, in-depth explanations on how to give the most correct answers, extra drills on all subjects covered by the real test, exclusive answering techniques and insights, as well as a detailed Wonderlic study guide. With this package, there is no reason why you should not ace the assessment and emerge at the top.

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Great study guide!


Definitely worth the money! There are a lot of free practice tests out there but they actually don't have the right questions or structured the same way as the real test. This guide takes you through each sub-section that is on the test with great tips and tricks, plus lots of practice questions after each sub-section with 3 full practice tests that are same as the actual test (including layout). So you know what you are getting into. I don't think I could have done well without this guide.




David P.

The Rapid Wonderlic Mastery Course is an absolute steal and it quickly prepared me to fly through the course and achieve excellent results. I was well-prepared by taking this, and if I hadn’t taken it the outcome wouldn’t have been strong because I wouldn’t have know what to expect and would have made stupid mistakes just out of ignorance of understanding the test and strategies to perform well. I highly recommend anyone to BUY THIS NOW AND STUDY HARD! Even 12-36 hours advance is plenty to prepare you. THANK YOU!! A VERY grateful user.

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i make mistake, actually, I

i make mistake, actually, I will take react behavior test and want to buy materiel to it.I think i bought wrong material. thank

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Very helpful

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