Ultimate Wonderlic/Wonscore Test Prep, May 2022

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Created by : Michael Lerner, BSc, Psychometric Tutor, Wonderlic Test Expert

Within 3 hours of watching short videos and practicing online, you will be able to quickly answer ALL Wonderlic question types, avoid the notorious Wonderlic time traps, perfectly manage your time and Improve Your Score By 10 POINTS

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This is the only prep that covers ALL Types of Wonderlic tests:

Wonscore | Wonderlic Personnel Test (WPT) | Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam (SLE) Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST) | Wonderlic Personality Test | Wonderlic Motivation Test

What you'll quickly learn

  • Strategy and Time management - With 50 questions and only 12 minutes to answer them, an effective approach to answering questions is essential.
  • Recognizing and Avoiding time traps - The Wonderlic test was made to catch test-takers out with disproportionately time-consuming questions, so it is vital that you know how to avoid these.
  • Lighting fast tactics - There are 24 question types on the Wonderlic test. This course offers the optimal strategy for answering every one of these questions.
  • How to approach the personality and motivation assessments - Each company or school is looking for different traits in candidates. Learn how to effectively showcase these traits to prospective employers / schools
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  • Lifetime access
  • 17 Instructional videos
  • 19 Written guides
  • 24 Types of questions explained with a unique tactic for each
  • 3 Additional full-length timed mode sample tests
  • 500 Practice questions with explanations
  • Bonus personality and motivation assessment prep module
  • Perfect for Wonderlic WonScore and Wonderlic SLE (Academic/ Nursing Schools)
  • Perfect for Queensland Police Recruiting

How is this course structured?

  • Intro and strategy module - Video tutorial about the crucial time management strategy, guessing and skipping time trap questions and when you should use the scrap paper (spoiler alert - you barely need to use it.)
  • Cognitive ability modules - There are 20 modules that cover each type of the Math, Logic, Verbal and General Knowledge questions you will encounter on the test.
  • Practice questions - In each module there is a pinpoint 4-7 minutes tutorial video that explains the tactics and approaches needed to solve that specific type of question, and 15-25 practice questions.
  • 3 full length mock tests - At the end of the Cognitive Ability section, there are 3 full length timed practice tests used to mimic a real test environment and to make sure you know how to implement all you have learned in the course.
  • Personality and Motivation Assessment preparation - 3 preparation modules for Wonderlic`s Personality and Motivation assessment to maximize your chances of passing the entire assessment.

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