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The Wonderlic test is a common pre-employment cognitive ability test. Tests such as the Wonderlic test serve to gauge the general intelligence of job applicants so that employers may choose the best candidates.

It’s no secret that hiring is a time-consuming and expensive process for employers to go through, and so they employ a number of methods to efficiently filter out ineligible candidates. The Wonderlic test enables employers to make quick decisions as to who should and should not be hired.

The test takes its name from the company which administers the test, also named Wonderlic. Wonderlic administers a range of tests, such as the Wonderlic Personality Test and the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test. However, for most intents and purposes, when you hear of the “Wonderlic Test”, this is most likely referring to the Wonderlic Personnel Test.

Initially, the test was meant to analyze the future performance and progress of any person in a particular domain of work, hence its name as a personnel test. This test gives a small amount of time to answer a wide variety of questions in order to apply a high level of stress to the test taker, in order to measure their ability to perform under pressure, as well as giving some indication of what level of pressure is required for a candidate to start making mistakes as a result of stress.

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Multiple Choice Test

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a 50-question multiple-choice-question (MCQ) test. It includes general knowledge in English and math but also assesses your ability to think and use logic. You are not allowed to use a calculator during the test, but you may use paper and a pencil to solve math queries or describe ideas for the logic-based questions

The Wonderlic test has a shorter version called the Wonderlic Personnel Test-Quick test (WPT-Q), which is the same as the longer version but includes only 30 questions. This short form of the test is used as a screening method before an interview or to qualify a candidate to take the full version of the test. The WPT-Q is unsupervised, so you can take this exam online at home. If your score is sufficient, you will be asked by your employer to take the full WPT.

What Are the Different Types of Wonderlic Tests?

The Wonderlic Personnel Test is a 50-question multiple-choice test. It includes basic math, grammar, analogies, geometry, English, direction following, judgment skills, reasoning, problem-solving, similarities, and definitions. The tests are divided into four main sections – personality, skill, cognitive, and behavioral tests.

1. Wonderlic Personality Test

This test is meant to measure the personal nature of the candidate that is widely believed to have a great impact on one’s suitability to particular job roles. Studies show that selecting candidates whose personality matches the specifications of a job role can significantly improve job performance.

2. Wonderlic Skills Test

This test is meant to view an individual’s knowledge in science, mathematics or English language. There are three tests in this section. These are the Wonderlic basic skills test, office and software skills, and perceptual ability tests.

3. Wonderlic Cognitive Test

When the average job applicant is asked to take the “Wonderlic Test”, this is most likely to be the particular test which is being referred to. This test is intended to check an individual’s skill to learn and solve problems. Cognitive tests are divided into contemporary cognitive ability, and the cognitive ability pretest. These two forms of cognitive ability tests have a greater scope than general tests.

4. Wonderlic Behavioral Test

The behavioral test evaluates a person’s potential to partake in unfair and counter-reproductive actions within society. The test is classified into the Wonderlic risk profile and Wonderlic risk profile plus. Both tests assess three facets of human behaviour: scrupulousness, neuroticism, and agreeability.

What Is a Good Wonderlic Score?

Knowing the scoring process for the Wonderlic test is simple. With 50 questions, you get one point for every right answer. A score of 15 means a person solved 15 questions correctly. The highest Wonderlic score someone can score is 50, and the lowest Wonderlic score is 0. Each question on the WPT is worth one point, and each question on the WPT-Q is worth 1.66points. If you are capable of completing the test and got all of the questions right, your score would be 50. However, according to the Wonderlic company, the average score on these tests is 20; a full score of 50 is significantly above the norm.

Is there a Time Limit to the Wonderlic Test?

Applicants have 12 minutes to finish the regular Wonderlic Personnel Test, and 8 minutes for the quick version. This time factor is included with the purpose of putting candidates under pressure in order to assess their ability to perform under pressure and make quick, accurate decisions. The capability to work quickly is extremely important in terms of achieving a higher score. However, bear in mind that only 2-5% of people complete the full test in the given time. As such, it is important to complete as many problems as possible, but not at the expense of accuracy.

How to Prepare for the Wonderlic Test

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This course is module-based, so that you can proceed with a clear study plan in order to maximize your study. Each module focuses on a particular question type with a method for rapid solution, formulated by our psychometric experts.

In the practice test, you will find that you are timed just as you would be in the real test. A majority of test-takers struggle significantly with the volume of questions within the given timeframe, so by experiencing an authentic testing environment in advance you are providing yourself with the foundational knowledge required to prepare for the test, so that you can be in an ideal position to beat this challenging test.

Additionally, this course explores how to identify ‘time traps’ and overcome them. One major hurdle for those taking the Wonderlic is that while all questions are equally weighted in score values, they are not equal in difficulty.

This course will run you through the methodology required to identify the questions intended to trip you up, so you may safely skip them in the knowledge that you are spending your time on easier questions and subsequently achieving a higher score.

Make a note of the question types where you struggle the most so that when reviewing your progress you know exactly which areas to focus on for improvement.

Here is how you should Prepare for the Test:

  • Take practice tests
  • Understand the questions
  • Take a timed practice test
  • Learn the strategies you need to know
  • Improve your English and math skills
  • Review how to solve the problems that are tested on the Wonderlic
  • Don’t use a calculator
  • Guess if you have to
  • Learn how to get through the “fluff”
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Be mentally and physically prepared
  • Get Enough Sleep
  • Relax

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