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Why Keiser University uses the Wonderlic test

Depending on the program you are applying for, Keiser University may choose to subject you to different Wonderlic tests, including the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test (WBST), Wonderlic General Assessment test (GAIN), and the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exams. In either case, these tests are part of the Keiser University Wonderlic Test.

Just like other institutions of higher learning, Keiser University uses the Keiser University Wonderlic exam as a measure of intelligence, to help in narrowing their search to find candidates who are best suited for various programs.

Apart from helping in the admission process, this test is also helpful in increasing student retention, increasing graduation rates, and bolstering job placement among students who graduate from the university.

Being an exam that helps Keiser university achieve these goals and reduce the number of loan defaulters, this is a test that you should not take for granted if your ultimate dream is to get placement and admission to the course of your dreams.

The Wonderlic scholastic level test format used by Keiser University

The Wonderlic entrance exam used by Keiser University comes in two formats as outlined below:

1. The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam – Pretest

This pre-test exam is used by this institution way before the interview process commences. The test is helpful because it helps the University to weed out u8nwanted applicants early enough. This test is administered online and can be done remotely. It contains a total of thirty questions which should be completed in 8 minutes.

2. The Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam

Once you have passed the pretest exam, you will be shortlisted to take the full exam, which is the Wonderlic Scholastic Level Exam. The test is administered in the school’s test center and is strictly proctored, which means that there will be a school official going round to ensure no cheating.

This test includes 50 questions, which must be completed in 12 minutes. It can be administered in either electronic or paper format.

How Keiser University scores the Wonderlic test

Keiser University Wonderlic Test

Various programs call for different scores. Therefore, Keiser University has no standard score for this exam. Outlined below are some of the programs offered by this institution and their required scores.

  • Histotechnology program – 16
  • Physical therapist assistant – 20
  • Sports Medicine and Fitness Technology Program – 17
  • Health Information Management -20
  • Nursing – 25

From the information above, you can see that some programs require a higher Wonderlic score than others. Therefore, before you start practicing for the test, you need to be aware of the requirements of the course you have applied for so that you can plan your time and gain skills that will help you ace it and get admission to your dream course.

Types of questions in the Wonderlic test

In a bid to analyse an applicant’s aptitude towards cognitive ability, Keiser University, just like other institutions of higher learning that use the Wonderlic exam use a variety of question types from different subjects including;

  • General facts
  • Logic
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Word problems

Is passing the Wonderlic test really important?

Keiser University Wonderlic Test

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking forward to becoming part of the Keiser University community is to ignore the importance of the Wonderlic personality test. Essentially, it is used to ensure that the institution only admits the best, and only the best are sent to the job market after graduation.

This means that if you don’t achieve the minimum score set for a specific course, you will not proceed with other steps of the admission process; therefore you will have to wait for the next admission which could take a year or so.

You don’t want to delay your education because you need to mold your career as early as possible. Therefore, passing this test should not be an option. It is something that you should write at the top of your priority list. Below are some tips that might help you get the best scores:

  • Practice – practicing for the Keiser University Wonderlic entrance exam will help you relax, minimize stress, and increase your chances of acing the test. Therefore, make sure you do as many practice tests as you can. The best time to practice is at least a week before the primary test so that you can keep your memories fresh. Ensure that you choose a quiet environment to do your tests, and if you hit the wall, don’t shy to invite your friends along for a helping hand. When you involve many people in your study, they will make your practice a game, which will go a long way in boosting your morale and improving your scores.
  • Don’t cram – remember, the Wonderlic test you will be given at Keiser University will be unique depending on the institution’s needs, and the requirements of the course you have applied for. Therefore, when you get hold of a practice test, don’t be tempted to cram, simply because you believe the main test will follow the same format. Instead, adopt a Wonderlic test prep regimen. Schedule some time every day, and do as many practice questions as you can. Ensure you understand what every section of the test entails, and the skills it is meant to evaluate. You can take our Wonderlic practice test here to assess your skills. With this