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Passing the Point72 Cognitive Reasoning Assessment

In case you don’t pass the Point72 Cognitive Reasoning Assessment offered, you can be rest assured that you will not proceed with the other steps of the recruitment process, which simply means that you will miss out on the job you have applied for.

Passing this test is critical. However, you cannot wake up on the test day, get to the test center, do the test and ace it! It’s not that easy. In fact, only 3% of test takers complete the whole test, and only a few of them get a near-perfect score. If you want to gain an edge over other candidates, you need to do lots of practice beforehand. Take our free Wonderlic Practice Test to check your strength and weak points.

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The Point72 Wonderlic Cognitive Reasoning Test Explained

Point72 Cognitive Reasoning Assessment

Modified to become the Point72 Cognitive Reasoning Assessment, the Wonderlic cognitive ability personnel test is an aptitude exam used to evaluate a prospective employee’s ability to learn, understand instructions, solve complex problems, and adapt to different working environments. Also, this test is used to measure an applicant’s math and verbal skills, which are highly essential in almost all departments in the organisation.

Since the test is used to evaluate various skills and competencies, it borrows questions from different subjects including

  • Mathematics – mathematical word problems and number series
  • Vocabulary – idiom proficiency
  • Verbal analogies
  • Finding similarities
  • Graphs and patterns
  • Grammar skills – sentence structuring and detecting

All the subjects mentioned above help the organisation to measure different skills in an individual. Therefore, don’t assume that there is one section that is more important than the other. To increase your chances of impressing the employer, ensure you do as much practice in all sections as you can.

Versions of Wonderlic tests offered by Point72:

  • Wonderlic Test – QuickTest (WTP-Q)

When you have been shortlisted for a job at Point72, this is certainly the first cognitive ability test that you will take. It’s designed to help the employer weed out unqualified candidates from the word go, although in some cases, it might be used to prepare candidates for the real test.

This test is the shorter version of the Wonderlic cognitive test, and contains 30 questions and an 8-minute time limit. However, it contains all the sections in the full test.

This is critical, but it is not taken in the organization’s test center. It can be taken remotely, and is not proctored. However, you are advised to take it with the seriousness it deserves, since it can in most cases make a difference between proceeding with other steps of the recruitment process and missing out.

  • The Wonderlic Test – Revised (WTP)

This is the full version of the Wonderlic personnel test offered by Point72 as a pre-employment assessment. Apart from helping the company only hire the best employees it can find, it also helps it predict how an employee will perform if given an opportunity to work in a particular position. Therefore, it is taken with utmost regard, and however fails it cannot proceed to other steps of the recruitment process.

The test has 50 questions and a 12-minute time limit. While the questions might not be difficult, the time allotted makes this test challenging and tricky, and only those who develop quick response times, sharpen their analytical skills, and use their decision-making skills can ace it.

Although this test can be difficult, you can gain an edge over other test takers if you practice using our comprehensive test prep pack. It comes with several Wonderlic-style practice tests with questions that mimic those in the real test, and additional drills which are meant to sharpen your knowledge and help you develop actual skills.

After you answer all questions, you will get a detailed score report, which will help you identify your weak areas so that you can focus on them during your practice. What makes it stand out from other test prep packs is that it features a study guide with text and video-based tutorials, which provide you with useful techniques that can increase your chances of passing the test.

How the Point72 Cognitive Reasoning Assessment is Scored

point72 cognitive reasoning assessment

This test is scored from 0 to 50. Therefore, the best score you can get is 50 out of 50. Every correct answer gives you one point, and there is no penalty for wrong answers. There is no standard score given by Point72, since candidates are scored based on the requirements of a particular position. Nonetheless, a score of less than 20 may deny you the chance to work in this organisation. Therefore, first inquire about the minimum score you will be required to get for the position you have applied for, but always aim for the sky!

How to pass the Point72 Wonderlic Test: The Super Tips

Research – This is the first step towards ensuring that you ace the test and get a score that will impress the employer. Look for as much information as you can about this test, and the type of questions asked for the position you have applied for. Also, endeavor to know the minimum score you will be required to get so that you can get the motivation to practice harder. Research will also help you discover some techniques that you can use to complete the test faster and get ahead of the competition.

Answer all questions – Crazy, huh? Well, remember, the score you get in this test will depend on the number of questions you get right. Therefore, leaving a question blank will reduce your chances of passing. Since you will not be penalized for giving the wrong answer, make educated guesses where you are not sure about the correct answers and complete the entire test!

Be time sensitive – You will have to complete the test in 12 minutes. When time elapses, the system will stop running. Therefore, don’t spend too much time on one question. If the question is laborious and requires much time, skip it and come back to it later, or simply make an educated guess.

Practice with Prepterminal – To help you get your wished-for position at Point72, we have designed a comprehensive test prep pack which contains practice tests that resemble the real one. To make your practice and learning more productive, we have added various drills and detailed study guides, which will not only help you pass the test but also develop real skills that you can use in your career development.

Prepare for the Point72 Wonderlic Test

Today, getting a job at Point72 is not easy. Most applicants have gained tremendous skills and experience; thus the competition is becoming fiercer by the day. Only the experts get the job, and you need to ensure you become one. Therefore, don’t take the Wonderlic pre-employment test lightly. Prepare using Prepterminal’s test prep pack, and you will succeed in every level of the Point72 recruitment process. At the end of the day, you will leave a great impression in the mind of the employer, and your chances of getting the job will be higher than those of other candidates.