Wonderlic Test Structure

Get to know the Wonderlic Test Structure

The Wonderlic test structure consists of 50 multiple choice questions that are to be answered in 12 minutes. The test is designed to create an atmosphere of quick thinking and a mild amount of stress. Only an approximated 5% of test subjects complete the test in the given time.

The Wonderlic score equals the amount of correct answers given in the allotted time frame. The average score is around 20, however each profession has different median scores and hiring standards.  For example, the median score for a janitor’s position is 14, while a chemist’s is 31.

The test itself is divided into several sections, such as evaluation of cognitive abilities, math and/or language skills, personality evaluation and behavioral analysis. Each section has a different number of questions and time allotment. Each section is targeted to assess a different aspect of the candidate’s abilities and the difficulty level of the questions progresses the further one advances into the test. The test can include analogies, geometry, basic math, grammar, judgement skills, logic, problem solving, direction following, similarities and definitions.

The test structure

  • Math and language skills section focuses on basic knowledge of math and English, but can also include basic knowledge of computer software, if such a skill is necessary for the position applied for.
  • The cognitive section includes problem solving and learning capabilities.
  • The behavioral section aims to assess one’s ethics and morals by providing hypothetical situations or true/false statements regarding one’s self.
  • The personality evaluation section aims to assess stability and performance. The test seeks out traits known as the Five Primary Dimensions of Personality, such as emotional stability, conscienceness and extroversion.

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